Saturday, September 12, 2015

To Hubby with Love

I am self proclaimed that our love story deserves to be documented as a book. Because it's too good to be true!

We are already married for 2,5 years. And I love him more day by day. I never regret my decision to marry him even tho I just knew him for less than 2 years. Talking about finding your prince charming. 

If it feels alright then it is. That's how I feel about my husband. He was completely stranger back then. I used to not dating anyone outside my inner circle. But when I decided to give it a try, he turned out to be someone that I love most, I care about. 

He made me feel like I am the only one, that's what I basically need. Not someone who ignores me and chooses someone else over me or someone who keeps being a "PHP".

"Kau bukakan pintu hatiku yang lama tak bisa percayakan cinta. Hingga dia di sini memberi cintaku harapan,"
Dia - Maliq and D'Essentials

That song exactly describes my feeling to him. He showed me that I am not a gallery of broken heart. I deserved to be loved sincerely. 

And I will always love him, the love of my life. 

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